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Dr. Lawrence Mayer
Dr. Lawrence Mayer, MD Valencia Medical Weight Control


Dr. Lawrence Mayer was born, raised and educated in Chicago, Illinois. After finishing his Bachelor of Science degree he received a Master’s Degree in molecular biology (cell physiology) at the University of Miami in Florida. He attended the University of Illinois Medical School followed by an internship and residency training in Anesthesiology at a University of Illinois program.

He practiced Anesthesiology in the Los Angeles area until 1996. He struggled with his weight ( at 6’1” he weighed 220 lbs. and was gaining 2.5 pounds a year ).

After intense study of the weight control literature and careful observation and analysis of the weight loss programs available to the public, he devised his own program. He lost 40 lbs., going from 220 lbs. to 180 lbs. and stopped his progressive weight gain. He has maintained his 180 lbs. weight for more than 13 years. If he had not made these changes he would now weigh 250+ lbs. He decided to stop his Anesthesiology practice and devote all of his efforts to help others lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

Dr. Mayer’s hobbies include photography, cooking, songwriting, bicycles and motorcycle riding.



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Serving Valencia for more than 10 years previously at the Henry Mayo Hospital Complex Office, now at the Lyons Professional Center.


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