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Dr. Lawrence Mayer
Dr. Lawrence Mayer, MD Valencia Medical Weight Control


To my current and future patients
What can you expect from me

If you have only 5 seconds to read...

  • I love a challenge and I will not give up on you

If you have a little more time...

  • I will treat you with care and respect
  • I will be courteous and friendly
  • I will inform and educate you about the best current weight control information ( based on the latest medical studies ) and answer any questions you may have in a clear and understandable language.
  • I will never be critical of you or make you feel guilty or ashamed about your struggles with your weight.
  • I will continue to support and encourage you even if you have momentary setbacks.
  • I will do all of these things because I realize the difficulty, frustration and amount of stress a patient has in trying to lose weight and maintain that loss. I approach my profession as a labor of love.

When my patients succeed I share their joy.


Compare Medical Weight Loss Control Programs

Our Program

We offer a high quality program in which you have a dependable long-term relationship with Dr. Mayer who is a friendly, knowledgeable, supportive and non-judgmental MD with more than 10 years experience in medical weight control. He personally spends more than 1 hour with you on the initial visit and he sees you on each follow up visit ( every two weeks ). There are no contracts. There are no hidden fees or expenses.


Observations on other programs

If a program has one MD and many offices, obviously they can only be in one clinic at a time.

Fancy and expensive (the corporate/Business model) clinics have high overhead expenses, a few MDs and many locations. The patient has limited contact with an MD.


Are prescription medications safe and effective?

While taking the combination of medication that we prescribe (which come only from the highest quality United States’ pharmaceutical labs for purity and accuracy of the dose) you are monitored closely (every 2 weeks) by Dr. Mayer himself and if you have any problems or concerns you can contact Dr. Mayer personally. He will answer any questions or concerns you may have.

If side effects do occur they are tend to be mild and transient and can usually be reduced or eliminated by dosage adjustment or switching to other medications.



Internet sources of medication can be from labs in other countries that do not have the same high standards as in FDA approved labs in the United States. Analysis of “offshore” medications shows that some may contain little or none of the active ingredients that make the medication both safe and effective. Purity and dosage levels are often questionable at best and could be toxic.




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New Address

23501 Cinema Drive
Suite #209
Valencia, CA  91355

Previous Address

24355 Lyons Avenue
Suite #110
Santa Clarita, CA  91321

Serving Valencia for more than 10 years previously at the Henry Mayo Hospital Complex Office, now at the Lyons Professional Center.


Office Hours

Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.