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testimonials from our patients

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Dr. Lawrence Mayer and express how much I am grateful for the impact that his work has had on my life. Having grown up overweight and losing and gaining throughout college, I spent countless nights fantasizing about life as a healthy, active, normal-weight adult. When, at only 21, my BMI was nearing 40, I decided to try one last weight loss program before seeking bariatric surgery. I am so deeply relieved that the professional I found to assist me with my weight loss was Dr. Mayer with Valencia Medical Weight Control. After only a few short months, I am nearly halfway to goal weight – 36 pounds and counting! Working with Dr. Mayer and his wonderful staff has been unlike any other "dieting" experience I've had. I enjoy visiting the office for my weigh-ins, and I feel nothing but support and encouragement. I can say, for the first time in my life, that I am enjoying becoming a person who likes to be active, who confidently chooses healthier (and more savory) foods, and who sees weight loss as a part of a general movement toward health. I look forward to being a beautiful bride at my upcoming wedding, a healthy mother for my future children, and a happier adult, owing huge thanks to my ongoing experience with Dr. Mayer.

- R.L.


Nonjudgmental sound advice. Dr. Mayer personally talks with you and coaches you every step of the way. You can tell he is passionate about helping people lose weight. Every person I have referred to him has lost weight. Each person is handled on an individual level, helping you choose foods that you enjoy. My wife spent two years furiously trying to lose the baby weight with marginal success. Four months with Dr. Mayer and she is back to her wedding day weight (and has kept it off).

- J.F.


My best friend Traci kept politely suggesting I call Dr. Mayer. After years of being unhappy with myself … I had tried all types of programs to lose the after pregnancy weight with no such luck … the best phone call I made for my husband and I was calling Dr. Mayer. To date I have lost effortlessly nearly 25lbs. Dr. Mayer taught me to eat properly. I feel amazing. I have more energy. Losing weight with my husband has been an incredible journey. It has become more of a live-it program than a diet. I am extremely grateful.

- Z.E.


I have been unhappy with my weight for at least 6 years. My wife talked me into going to Dr. Mayer. It was the best thing I could have ever done. To date I have lost effortlessly nearly 50lbs. Dr. Mayer taught me how to eat properly. Since going to him I feel better and I have more energy. My mental state has turned around. I am forever grateful.

- A.E.


Dr. Mayer's program is a positive and sound approach to a sustainable healthy and fit lifestyle. I was able to loose nearly 50 pounds surpassing my pre-married weight and have maintained in keeping the majority of that weight off. If you slip from the program, he is extremely encouraging about coming in for a few months to get back into a healthy routine.

- S.B.L.


After having tried tons of different diets on my own and ultimately giving up after a week or so, I no longer feel quick result gimmicks that never worked or were short lived. When introduced to Dr. Mayer's program I was impressed by his straight out statement that this was not a short-term solution, but rather a permanent lifestyle change. There are no ridiculous restrictions (i.e. you don't have to load up on protein and eliminate carbs or count points) instead he takes the normal approach of a healthy balanced diet (one that we should be following anyway). And best of all you are not starving!! Dr. Mayer and Graciela offer wonderful support, encouragement and advice to get you started and through the weight loss process.

This program is an amazing way to loose weight and keep it off. I can honestly say that I have never been more surprised in my life than when the inches and pounds started to melt off. Like all diet programs, this one requires efforts on your part with exercise and healthy eating choices. But unlike every other program out there, results are evident within days and sacrifice is minimal. It is these results that encourage and motivate you to continue. Before you know you anticipate the weigh-ins and have to buy a whole new wardrobe. I started the program at 174 lbs., the most I ever lost on my own was 15lbs. and that was only after months of strict dieting (and always being hungry). Of course that never lasted very long because sooner or later you give into the hunger. On Dr. Mayer's program I have lost 36lbs. and now weight in at 138 lbs., going from a size 14 to a size 7. I am still going, hoping to reach my goals of 125 lbs. I lost the dreaded weight I carried around for years and gained confidence.

I highly recommend this program for successful weight loss that stays off and a positive life changing experience.

- D.G.


Dr. Mayer's program for weight loss is easy to follow and teaches you how to balance proteins and carbohydrates so that you aren't left feeling hungry. With his support we have lost over 50 pounds and now have the tools to keep the weight off permanently.

- R. and L.M.


I began going to Dr. Mayer almost two years ago after quitting Jenny Craig (too expensive and the food was making me sick), trying Atkins (my body didn't respond to it any longer since I did it for 1 year or so in college) and was desperate to lose weight. I knew if I didn't do it now, I'd never do it and would remain overweight for the rest of my life. Watching my dad go through health complications because of his weight made me feel all the more urgent to lose my extra weight and keep it off!

I've now lost 110 lbs. and am continuing to lose weight. Through a combination of medication, vitamins, and healthy, balanced meals that still taste good, I've learned to eat the way I've always been told I should but could never get myself to actually do. Dr. Mayer has taken the time to talk with me about every aspect of my life that has hindered my ability to lose weight until now - including lifestyle, eating habits, work and personal stresses, physiological reasons, etc. I go see him every other week to weigh in and discuss my progress and what works or what has hindered me. He is never judgmental or critical and continues to remind me of my steady progress and that I have kept the weight off. He encourages me when I get discouraged or frustrated as well as asks me to be honest with him about my struggle. It is his gentleness and encouragement that enables my honesty and makes it easy to go see him even if I've gained a little.

I never thought I'd be a size 12. When I started this, I was a size 20 and my life's ambition was to get to a 16. I remember being a size 18 in 6th grade and even got up to a size 26 in high school. Today I am thinner than I ever dreamed, more confident than I've been in my life, and feel better and healthier than I have, too.  I used to go from meal to meal stuffing myself full, but once I started seeing Dr. Mayer, he helped me control my appetite to the point that I could listen to myself when I felt satisfied and stopped.

Before going to see him, I had done Atkins, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig but he was much less expensive than Jenny Craig for me so I made the switch and I am so glad I did! If you are struggling with your weight and desperate for a solution, go see Dr. Mayer. He will help.

- A.C.


Dr. Mayer is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and helped me to learn about food and how to balance my daily meals in order to facilitate weight loss. I came to Dr. Mayer at 248 lbs. and after 8 months I am 198 lbs. Healthy and fit, loving life and still enjoying food! Thanks Dr. Mayer.

- M.R.


I've been a patient for a while now. My weight has always been a problem for me and the program seems to work. The staff is always friendly and supportive even when I have my bad weeks (not so often anymore)! When I do slip, Dr. Mayer always has suggestions on how to get me back on track. I would highly recommend the program.

- R.M.


I don't have anything negative to say about Valencia Weight Control. This is the best place to come to lose weight. You get a lot of support and information regarding weight loss. I never feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Even if you've lost weight and months later you gain it back I know I can always come here for help on getting me back on track to reach my goal weight.

- C.S.


Dr. Mayer has taught me how to consistently internalize what, when, how to eat healthy as a lifestyle.

- G.C.


Dear Doctor Mayer,
This letter is long overdue. I am approaching a full year under your care and am proud to announce a sixty-eight pound weight loss. Had I not strayed recently, the weight loss would have been greater.

I have battled a weight problem since age twelve. I tried a number of weight loss products, systems, disciplines and approaches, none of which gave lasting or satisfying results. The weight kept piling on.

I was fine until my retirement in July of 2002. As a Police Lieutenant in a Department located in Los Angeles County, I maintained a suitable appearance. However, once I retired, the lack of activity and a poor diet caught me by surprise. It was pure luck that I found you, and after having researched your impressive references, I was sure you and your program could help me.

The initial consultation was superb. I thought I new a lot about weight, weight loss and weight management, however I was surprised to find that I had much to learn. I was sold on your approach by your knowledge, expertise and dedication to your patients and the importance of weight loss, and most of all your "bedside manners". I found you approachable, understanding, caring, flexible and concerned. I find you personable, intelligent and easy to relate to. Most importantly, you garnered my trust in you and your approach. I have found a great friend in you, and I wish to spread the word about you and your approach to weight loss.

I highly recommend your services to anyone interested in losing weight; however, I also think your services are ideally suited for those in Law Enforcement, both sworn and non-sworn positions alike.

Your program is a snap. It's easy, it's affordable and it can be tailored to Law Enforcement personnel who have varied work schedules. I only wish I had the advantage of this program twenty years ago. I'd be significantly healthier today.

The men and women of Law Enforcement have it tough. I know how the job and its demands have ravaged my life over the years. The stress is incredible, and pressure both inside and outside the Department is huge. I couldn't take advantage of your program any earlier than I did. But today's Law Enforcement personnel can, and should.

We have discussed the value of your services and program as it relates to Law Enforcement personnel. I have encouraged you to seek them out and let them take advantage of a credible, viable, simple weight loss regiment that will significantly enhance their lives, and their appearance!

You have not asked for a letter of this type. I am providing it on my own volition so that fellow Law Enforcement personnel may benefit, so that they may stay healthy, and so that they can finally find a Doctor and a program that works.

I ask that you share this letter with Law Enforcement agencies and affiliates throughout Southern California. I would be honored and delighted to respond as a reference to any individual or department who wishes to speak with me. In fact, I encourage it. I authorize you to release my name, address and phone number, if requested, to any individual or departmental Law Enforcement representative who so asks. I sincerely stand by all the representations I have made in this letter.

My deepest thanks for my health. I've a little ways to go, however, I am confident that we can achieve my goal of an additional twenty-pound weight loss.

I couldn't have done it without you. I am a very grateful person who is proud you are also my friend!

- D.P.
Police Lieutenant, Retired
Attorney at Law, Retired


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